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    Napapijri creates fashion clothes that are functional, sporty and not least inviting to adventure. Napapijri's journey began in 1987 in the shadow of Europe's highest peak, Monte Bianco. Here, an Italian bag manufacturer introduced a new perspective on the outdoor style that combined innovative materials and good style in one product. The core of the brand lies in the name Napapijri, which is a variation of the Finnish word for the Arctic Circle, and the logo, which is a graphic expression of the North and South Poles. The Norwegian flag represents Europe's northernmost country, whose wild nature puts most adventurers to the test. Norway is also the homeland of some of the 20th century's most important countries. The greatest explorer of the 21st century.

    Functional Napapijri jackets

    Looking for the perfect combination of fashion and functionality? Napapijri focuses on everything we do outside our homes and creates clothes that keep you warm even during the coldest winter months. Napapijri's winter jackets comes in a multitude of models and colors, all of which have its advantages. You will find both the classic annorak and various down jackets that can be used in autumn and winter over. Whether you're going out on your bike one early winter morning or hiking in northern Norway, Napapijri's winter jackets protect you from the weather so you can focus on the experience.
    The style is classic and the colors are kept in neutral, timeless tones that you can pull forth from the closet season after season. At the same time, Napapijri jackets are created subject to the capricious behaviour of the weather and with respect for the materials and the environment. Napapijri takes its responsibility for the environment seriously and therefore always tries to find new innovative opportunities that protect our nature in the best possible way. With the philosophy of "make it better", the modern brand seeks for their customers to have access to products that are produced with sustainable values in mind. From this, the down jackets are a good example of Napapijri phasing out animal materials from their products.

    Unleash your inner adventurer!

    Here at you will find a selection of Napapijri clothes and accessories that are perfect for the active everyday life. The range includes everything from Napapijri jackets, knitsweaters And polos, winter boots, t-shirts with prints, bags and backpacks. Common to the entire selection is the great focus on functionality and personal style. Most of the products are decorated with Napapijri's well-known logo, the Norwegian flag and other patches that stamp mixed as modern and adventurous. With this fire in your wardrobe, you can safely unleash your inner adventurer – whether it's on your way to work, a walk in the woods or a walk north of the Arctic Circle. In addition to Napapijri, you'll also find a host of other brands here at that can compliment your personal style.

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